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Outsource Sofware Tester with Us

​Save up to 80% on labor by hiring your Software Tester offshore. You have full control over your operations in our offshore staffing model. Our skilled, specialized and experienced Indian, Filipino resources take away mundane tasks so you can focus more on growing your business. We help you save time, money, and hassle while providing you opportunities for growth and value for money. See the mobile app developer services we offer below.

Starting from $800/month Or Pay Hourly

Why Outsource Software Testing Jobs

At Techsupport Team, we provide our clients with the best resources available in the Philippines and India. We understand the importance of providing quality resources and are committed to providing the best experience possible. Our advantages include:

World-Class Technical Expertise

Partnering with Techsupport Team for outsourcing can lead to enhanced operational efficiency and financial advantages for businesses. Leveraging a proficient workforce and economical labor costs, our resources offer swifter response intervals and elevate the quality of customer interactions, culminating in an enriched customer experience.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Outsourcing to offshore offers a substantial cost advantage. The relatively lower labor and operational costs in India and Philippines translate to more budget-friendly project executions. By choosing Indian, Philippines resources, you can optimize your resources without compromising on the quality. This cost-efficiency is particularly beneficial for startups, small businesses, and companies looking to maximize their ROI.

Diverse Industry Experience

India and Philippines's vibrant IT landscape has led to the accumulation of extensive industry experience across various domains. Whether you're seeking resources for working on Projects, for BAU activities. Philippines and Indian resources boast a track record of effectively assisting and resolving issues across diverse industries. Their versatility and expertise ensure seamless alignment with industry standards and user requirements, fostering the success on a global scale."

Manual Tester

Manual Testers play a critical role in identifying defects, inconsistencies, and usability issues within software applications. Their thorough testing helps ensure that the final product meets high quality standards and delivers a seamless user experience. Manual Testers assess software from an end-user perspective, focusing on usability, user interface, and overall user experience. This perspective helps improve user satisfaction and engagement with the application. Manual testers have the flexibility to simulate complex real-world scenarios that might not be easily automated. This is especially valuable for testing user interactions, edge cases, and unique scenarios.Manual testers excel in exploratory testing.

Manual Tester
Automation Tester

The role of an Automation Tester is highly significant in modern software development and testing processes. Automation testers use scripts and tools to execute repetitive and time-consuming test cases rapidly, significantly accelerating the testing process. This efficiency is especially crucial in agile development environments with frequent releases. Automated test scripts can be reused across different versions of the software, ensuring consistent testing across releases and reducing redundancy in testing efforts. Automation testers excel in performing regression testing, which involves running a suite of tests to ensure that new changes do not adversely affect existing functionalities. This helps catch unintended side effects of code changes.

Automation Tester
Mobile App Tester

Mobile App Testers play a crucial role in ensuring the quality, usability, and functionality of mobile applications. Mobile app testers validate applications across a wide range of devices, operating systems, and screen sizes. This ensures compatibility and consistent performance across various platforms. Testers assess the app's user interface, navigation, and overall user experience. They ensure that the app is intuitive, user-friendly, and adheres to design guidelines. Mobile app testers evaluate the app's speed, responsiveness, and performance under various conditions such as different network strengths, low battery levels, and background tasks. Testers verify that the app is accessible to users with disabilities and adheres to accessibility standards.

Mobile App Tester
API Tester

In the modern software landscape, APIs play a pivotal role in connecting applications, services, and systems. API testers are instrumental in assuring the quality, performance, and security of APIs, thereby ensuring the success of software solutions that rely on seamless integration and data exchange. APIs need to work across different platforms, devices, and software versions. Testers assess the compatibility and interoperability of APIs to ensure smooth interactions in diverse environments. API testers evaluate the performance of APIs by measuring response times, latency, and throughput. This helps identify potential bottlenecks and optimize API efficiency.

API Tester

Employ Technical Engineers Through Us 

At Techsupport Team, our mission is to simplify the outsourcing experience.

At Techsupport team, we meticulously assess client resource requirements and strategically align optimal resources that precisely meet the specified criteria.

We take the guesswork out of offshore staffing with a bespoke process to find you the right agents to work with

Advantages of Partnering with Us

Manual Tester

Develop detailed test cases based on software specifications. Execute manual tests to identify bugs, defects, and inconsistencies. Document and communicate test results and defects to development teams.

Automation Tester

Design, develop, and maintain automated test scripts using scripting languages and automation tools. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand software requirements and ensure comprehensive test coverage.

Mobile App Tester

Test mobile applications on different platforms (iOS, Android) and devices to ensure compatibility and functionality. Develop and execute comprehensive test plans, test cases, and test scripts for mobile app testing.

API Tester

Develop and execute comprehensive test plans, test cases, and test scripts to validate APIs' functionality, performance, and security. Collaborate with software developers and QA teams to understand API requirements and design effective test strategies.

  • At Techsupport Team, we specialize in providing tailored offshore IT resources from India and the Philippines. Our services connect you with highly skilled remote IT professionals who seamlessly integrate into your projects. With expertise in IT staffing and project management, we ensure you receive the right talent for web development, system administration, network engineering, and more. Partner with us to access a global talent pool, reduce costs, and accelerate timelines. We handle recruitment to resource management, freeing you to focus on innovation and growth. Experience flexible, high-quality IT resourcing with Techsupport Team.

  • Through Us, you can hire a diverse array of skilled remote IT professionals, including web developers, software developers, system administrators, network engineers, data analysts, database administrators, QA/testers, UI/UX designers, cybersecurity experts, cloud architects, IT project managers, and more. Our network of remote experts spans these roles and more, efficiently fulfilling your project needs.

  • Techsupport Team offers flexible hiring options tailored to your resource needs. Whether you require specialized expertise for specific tasks or want cost optimization through fractional resource utilization, we connect you with qualified professionals. Our part-time hiring lets you access top-tier talent while staying agile to meet your business goals.

  • We continuously promote job openings to attract skilled professionals across diverse technologies. Our proactive approach maintains a versatile resource database, ensuring swift alignment of your project needs with the right talent. We have a proven track record of providing resources within days, not weeks.

  • Our candidate selection process is meticulous. We start by reviewing resumes, seeking skills and qualifications that match your requirements. Shortlisted candidates undergo a thorough technical assessment to ensure compatibility with your project's needs, including evaluating their past work and adaptability to remote work. Additionally, we assess their behavior and team fit to present you with a curated selection of well-aligned candidates.

  • We've already conducted initial screenings and skill-based interviews with shortlisted candidates. Additionally, you're welcome to conduct your own interviews to ensure the perfect fit for your requirements.

  • Payment methods for our offshore resources are designed to be convenient and secure. We offer various options to accommodate your preferences. These can include electronic transfers, online payment platforms, or invoicing as per the terms agreed upon.

  • All remotely hired resources will function within our highly secure Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment, bolstered by industry-recognized security controls. They will exclusively operate within our cloud environment, ensuring the utmost data security and eliminating the risk of information leaks.

  • Certainly, if a resource's performance does not meet your expectations, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. We will promptly initiate the process of replacing the resource with a more suitable candidate to ensure your project progresses smoothly and meets its goals. Your contentment with our services is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to address any concerns promptly and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

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